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Barrier Gate MX PRO

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Highway Parking Barrier Gate , LED Flashing Signal Light car park gates

MX-Pro barrier gate is our high-end model with LED light, which y.when the arm  down, the color of the light will be red, when the arm up, the color of the light will be green. The design have been becoming well-received by customers from all around the world.and received lots of good feedback, Welcome you bring your brilliant idea to us.


Open/close time 1.8 Sec
Barrier gate life-span >10,000,000 times
Suit application indoor and outdoor parking system
Open/close method by remote control, push key, manual handle
Max length Max. 8m straight arm with rubber bar
Max. 4.5 m folding arm with rubber bar
Max. 4m fence arm with rubber bar
Push Butoon Inclusive of arm and “push button” which opens/closes barrier
Standard quotation include barrier gate body, straight bar, push key control panel, two remote controllers, exclusive of LED light bar, loop detector, boom bracket and anti-collision mechanism (wave pressure sensor, PIR sensor): need to buy separately.
Optional housing color yellow/iron gray (default), red/iron gray, other color for optional
Optional boom arm direction leftward or rightward (fixed after order)
Ground weight 70kg
Warranty 1 year

Functions and Features:

1)The humanized clutch device:in case of power off, unlock the clucth device and raise the boom manually.By the time the power is supplied,lock the clutch device to make it working normally again.

2)Special spring device: Both the compression spring and tension spring can be used in the machione.Using the compression spring can avoid accidents cuased by the tension spring.

3)Three control buttons:for boom raising,falling and pausing.

4)Boom backtrack function: the boom will rise if it hits something when falling.

5)Infrared photocell design:for avoiding the crash when the boom falling, so as to prevent the vehicles from being pressed.

6)Both external and internal loop detectors are supported.

7)”OPEN”,”CLOSE”and”STOP” controlling interfaces

8)RS-485 communication serial interface(Optional)

9)Traffic ligh signal connection device:red light for stop;green light for pass.

10)Remote control and wire control for selection.




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